Law on Contract and Torts

Consultation and representation in personal and commercial matters related to contracts  and compensation.

Property Law

Representing clients before the competent courts and geodetic organizations, checking the ownership structure of real estate, intermediation between parties in cases of contract conclusion.

Family Law

Representing clients in marital litigation in cases of divorce and property division, legal support, parenting rights.

Hereditary Law

Representing clients in probate proceedings and related contentious proceedings.

Criminal Law

Defending persons in criminal and minor offenses, representing those injured by criminal act.

Bankruptcy Law

Consulting in the matter of bankruptcy, liquidation and privatization.

Financial Law

Tax advising, analyzing  legal regulations in order to define the most appropriate business model.

Banking Law

Advising and representing commercial banks in the court procedure motioned due to unrealized receivables.

Corporate Law

Founding and registration of companies, drafting general acts, performance of status changes (mergers, acquisitions).   

Labour Law

Counselling in the matter of the conclusion and termination of labour contracts, mobbing, salaries and other compensation, motioning and representing clients interest in court proceedings.

Administrative Law

Representing in proceedings before the competent state bodies and organizations (administrative procedures).

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